Integrating Technology in Math Classroom


This is my first year as Deputy Principal of Middle School and it has been quite a learning experience to me. I often find myself taking notes on how my performance as an administrator and my department could be improved. One of the areas I identified as in need of improvement was the utilization of technology by classroom teachers. If I am to assist teachers integrate more technology into their lessons, I have to learn more about it to make myself a better administrator. The question that guided my research is:

“How can technology support math classroom instruction?”

In the 21st century, we can’t separate learning skills, knowledge of the core content, and technology skills. Administrators, teachers, students and parents should know how technology, learning skills, and core content work to reinforce each other when they intersect.” 21st century skills include information and media literacy, communication, critical thinking and systems thinking, problem solving and several others. These are matched with technology tools appropriate for applying the skill within the subject area at various grade levels.
In my research, I concentrated on integrating technology in a mathematics classroom. We currently have a math curriculum with standards and benchmarks and the teachers have the freedom to choose which materials and methodology to use in their classes. But I noticed that teachers don’t really use technology tools while teaching. I need to provide teachers with suggestions on how to use technology in the classroom and I need to support them to develop themselves professionally.

Some of the websites that guided my research

I used Google and SortFix as my search engines. The key words I used here were “technology, math, classroom, integrate”. Besides the home sites there were the link sites and there were the sites with research papers documenting the results of experiments on the topic that were of a great value to my research. (, (, ( and ( and more…). The above sites were four research papers that documented the results of experiments on integrating technology in math classrooms. The reason I focused on websites for researches done before is because that is my part in the group activity.

Key Findings and Answers to my question

How can technology support math classroom instruction?” According to research studies, I found out that integrating technology into the mathematics classroom can increase student achievement, increase student motivation, and foster positive student attitudes. Generally in the research studies, most of the students agreed that computers provide a visual representation, the 3D shapes, which helped them to understand more of what was going on. In addition, they thought it was very colorful and exciting for younger children, and they thought it might make them more excited about mathematics.

Teaching Mathematics Better and Teaching Better Mathematics

In order to accomplish that, pre-service teachers need to be engaged in training sessions designed to prepare them to integrate technology into mathematics instruction. Besides that administrators need to be involved too in order to support, encourage and set examples for teachers to use technology in their classrooms. Integrating technology into the classroom can improve mathematics teaching.